After years of teaching sales, marketing, editorial and media skills within the educational marketplace, we have extended these offering directly to the education and business worlds as consultants. We conduct professional development workshops for high school teachers and college professors and run training for businesses on the incorporation of social media into workplace learning. We recently contributed to the research and creation of Forum Corporation’s Principles of Workplace Learning.

Community Building

We develop, host and curate several online communities.  Exploring Life, the high school biology program that Robin co-authors, has an active and inquisitive group of teacher-users. We also organize the national Biology Leadership Conference, an annual gathering of 60-70 college biology instructors.  The conference is an opportunity for them to share ideas and approaches while participating in expert-led workshop sessions.  Connections are continued through the year with a blog, discussions forum, monthly webinars, and a mini-grant program to catalyze innovative teaching. Robin also organizes and facilitates a group of educators interested in applying the unique affordances of virtual worlds to education. Heyden Ty maintains a regular blog on the question of applying new media tools to teaching and learning.

Project Management

Having acquired and honed project management skills as product and marketing builders in the K-16 learning space, we now provide strategic counsel on project management infrastructure and implementation, and manage small and long-term projects with 20+person teams. Responsibilities included schedule, work-flow, budget, negotiating vendor and service level agreements, and quality assurance. This work involves the regular use of project management tools such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Filemaker, Google docs, and ftp site maintenance.

Content Development

We are brainstormers, writers, editors, storyboard scripters, and curriculum developers of content and marketing stories. We work with programmers, artists, designers, content experts, and editors to create stories, interactivities, lessons, and books.  We regularly work with content experts to plan meaningful activities, storyboard them for maximal interactivity and effectiveness, and then work with programmers and artists to render the storyboard accurately.


Robin and her Exploring Life co-authors obtained a $1 million National Science Foundation grant to study the effectiveness of web-based activities in the high school biology classroom. That grant funded the establishment of 84 pilot test sites around the country.  Robin worked with pilot testers to implement preliminary materials and then gather data.  She conducted site visits, organized student and teacher focus group, designed assessment instruments, synthesized the data, and collaborated on the final report.  More recently, we have partnered with Boston University Medical Center on a newly awarded NIH funded project, Women in Control, to investigate the impact of virtual world technology on patient behavior and health care strategies.

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