Robin & Neil Heyden generate, facilitate, assess, and document learning in many mediums. With careers born in the development and marketing of print and digital educational products, the Heydens leverage their experience and complementary skill-sets to create and coordinate teaching and training in print, digital, and virtual world learning environments. Research to concept development; envisioning to implementation; production to project management; teaching to assessment—the Heydens deliver effective, innovative educational experiences for learners of all ages in all settings.


Robin Heyden is an education consultant, developer and writer. She works with education and training professionals to research, conceptualize, visualize, and produce print and online educational materials and experiences. Robin is a published author (Biology: Exploring Life) and community manager of an annual education conference (Biology Leadership Conference) of college biology faculty. Her work with new media tools has established Robin as a leader in the use of social media and virtual worlds in teaching and learning. She has a deep understanding of the unique digital tool affordances for all kinds of learners.

Neil Heyden is an education consultant, product marketer, and a people and project manager. He consults with learning organizations to develop and promote product, create and coordinate communication, and train and nurture people. Neil conceived and constructed a dedicated $100M+ AP and electives publishing and promotions group which adapted college programs for high school use. He also directed a cross-functional team, which transitioned a traditional textbook program to a digital environment. From better copy and catalogs to clear and clarified correspondence, Neil carefully crafts communications to produce better learning programs and products. His intuitive insights as a manager and teacher generate better learning and more productive and satisfied people.